Basic Cinematography Final Project

A drunk man in his business attire comes back home during midnight.

DP/Production Designer: Cherie Chan

Cast: Stephen Radochia

Camera Operator: Alex Benitez

Gaffers: Michael Verdoscia & Shizheng Xu

A promotion video for an anthology, titled "Qu'est-ce que L'esthétique Existentialiste?", curated and designed by me for my Typography design project.

View full project here:

DP/Dir: Cherie Chan

PA: Shizheng Xu

Actress: Danchen Xu

This short film is inspired by a story titiled "The Day I Got Hit on the Head with Books". It's dedicated to people who hold on to the value of freedom of expression regardless of government oppresion.

Director: Cherie Chan

Director of Photography: Tommy Li

Cast: Aaron Wilson

Bryan Griffin

Giselle McAllister

Meeo Ma

Documentary Portrait by Cherie Chan & Ravi Agrawal

Special Thanks to Strattman Design

Silent Film Written & Directed by Cherie Chan

Cast: Michael Gaudio William Lara